Language Bridge

It is important for us Language Bridge teachers to provide an exciting, interesting, easy and enjoyable way to language learning. Therefore we offer both classic and modern options for language learning.


group lessons – language learning takes place within a small and friendly group in our education centre or at customer’s premises. During lessons all language skills – reading, listening, speaking and writing are developed. Emphasis is usually put on speaking skills. Considerable attention is also paid on grammar knowledge. Written tasks are usually given as homework assignments. Sometimes homework assignments are to watch a good film or an interesting video, to read an article or even an exciting book.

individual lessons – language learning takes place in our education centre or at client’s workplace at the time suitable for a client. Lessons are based on client’s needs, desires and goals and the following necessary skills are developed: reading, listening, speaking and/or writing. Lessons include grammar practice and vocabulary learning.


„by Skype” – suitable for those who are tired of classic learning, but especially for those who live outside the cities and cannot attend lessons. It is also suitable for those who live abroad but have not acquired English or Spanish sufficiently to find a desired job.

„at the wheel, at the beach, in the street or elsewhere” – all you need is a phone. Especially suitable for those who have basic knowledge of language but has language barrier and difficulties when speaking. Those who want to „maintain” previously acquired language level will also find this method very useful. A lesson lasts 30 minutes and during it a teacher and a student discuss different topics.