Language Bridge
Our team

Education centre director and English teacher
Ineta Zalite

Ineta has acquired higher professional education at the University of Latvia. She has worked both as an English teacher in a secondary school and in education centres. Ineta has extensive language teaching experience and she has developed foreign language training programs for various industries’ needs-medicine and pharmacy, tourism, management, real estate, finance, agriculture, etc. Since 2011 Ineta has been working as a director and teacher at Education Centre Language Bridge.

It is considered that a blackboard, a piece of chalk and course books are not sufficient teaching aids to provide effective learning process nowadays. Lessons should be interesting, modern and adjusted to each client’s needs. Therefore Ineta combines classical teaching aids and unlimited options of modern technologies.

Ineta’s advice to those who want to learn a foreign language: „It is difficult to learn things that are not interesting and you can’t use, therefore don’t waste your time and learn only those which you find useful and necessary!”

English teacher
Diana Paidere

Diana has completed a bachelor’s degree in English philology. She has graduated the University of Latvia. For more than 10 years, Diana has taught English to people at different ages, both in individual and group classes. While giving courses to both state institutions and private enterprises she has become acquainted with a variety of industries and has developed different training programs, for example, “English for tourism”, “English for customer care” etc. Thanks to the talent and amazing patience to find the most suitable method of language learning, Diana has helped to acquire English even to the most self-critical students. In her spare time Diana likes travelling and actively enjoys outdoor activities. By participating in adventure competitions, Diana has understood that the way to the finish line should not always be tedious and difficult; it can also be cheerful and inspiring – just as foreign language learning.

Diana’s advice to those who want to learn a foreign language: "Trust the teacher and set realistic goals and a good result will be guaranteed.”

Spanish, Russian and English teacher
Alona Krasko

Alona has gained a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy and English philology at the University of Latvia and a bachelor’s degree in tourism management at the International Tourism Academy. As an exchange programmes student Alona studied in the USA, where she learnt Spanish. Returning to Latvia, she passed the exam to become a Spanish teacher.

Alona has always been interested in philology and she constantly keeps improving her knowledge of English and Spanish. Alona has developed different Spanish and Russian language programmes. She is good at finding the right approach to clients with different needs. Alona will help to learn general and business language, and if a client has tight deadlines then she helps to prepare for job interviews, business conferences, negotiations and presentations in a few classes.

Alona’s students praise her teaching style – whenever students get tired and start to lose attention, she feels it and with the help of creativity and a good sense of humour, the attention and interest in learning returns. Alona’s motto: everybody works at classes, nobody stays aside.

Previous experience: She has given foreign language courses and individual lessons at various companies and state institutions: State Revenue Service, the Ministry of Finance, Electrolux, Lateko Bank, Cido Grupa Ltd, G4S Jsc, Swedbank Jsc, Preses Apvienība Jsc, Turisma agentura Kolumbs Ltd etc.

Alona’s advice to those who want to learn a foreign language: Don’t be afraid of something new! You can start learning at any level!