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English language

ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES ”PROFESSIONAL”. We will develop an individual training programme based on your company’s needs, desires and goals. We have already developed and implemented several English language programmes – English for bank clerks/ medical personnel/ shop assistants/ travel agents/ property managers, etc.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSES "POPULAR": Suitable for everybody. Employees will be divided into groups based on existing language skills and learning objectives. We will develop an individual training programme and by active learning you will gain and improve general and business English skills.

The programme includes useful topics for a company:

Vocabulary: General vocabulary and business vocabulary (includes basics of industry terminology)

Grammar: Grammar basics, practical grammar, business grammar

Skills: Business meetings, e-mail writing, small talk, telephoning in English, attending a meeting/leading a meeting, presentations, customer service, travel situations (at the airport, hotel, doctor’s etc.), job interviews etc.

Length of the course: 50 lessons (~6 months)

Length of the lesson: 90 min (2 academic hours)

Intensity: 8 lessons per month

Number of participants: 3 – 10 employees

SHORT COURSES: suitable for those who already have low to moderate language skills, but lack confidence in their communication skills in foreign language. During classes we will actively practise specific and useful topics and together overcome the language barrier.

Business Small talk: 2 lessons, each 120 min long.

E-mail Writing: 3 lessons, each 120 min long.

The Language of Meetings: 4 lessons, each 120 min long.

Telephoning in English: 3 lessons, each 120 min long.

Business Presentations: 4 lessons, each 120 min long.

Number of participants: up to 10 employees in a group.

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS: suitable for everybody, especially for managers. We will develop a training programme and determine the number of lessons based on your current knowledge and needs. Classes will be held at a convenient time (before/after or during working hours) and place for employees (at the customer premises or in our education centre).