Language Bridge
Russian language

RUSSIAN LANGUAGE COURSE FOR WORK AND LEISURE: suitable for employees with basic knowledge. Employees will be divided into groups based on existing language knowledge and learning objectives. We will develop a training programme and by active learning you will gain and improve your Russian.

The programme includes:

vocabulary (general vocabulary and professional vocabulary) grammar and communication skills (business meetings, e-mail writing, telephoning, customer service, travel situations, job interviews) etc.

Length of the course: 50 lessons (~6 months)

Length of the lesson: 90 min (2 academic hours)

Intensity: 8 lessons per month

Number of participants: 3 – 10 employees

LANGUAGE COURSES ”PROFESSIONAL”. We will develop an individual training program based on your company’s needs, desires and goals.

INDIVIDUAL LESSONS: suitable for everybody, especially for managers. We will develop a training programme and determine the number of lessons based on your current knowledge and needs. Classes will be held at a convenient time (before/after or during working hours) and place for employees (at the customer premises or in our education centre).