Language Bridge
Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to learn a language?
Foreign language learning is like learning to drive a car – the more you drive, the more you succeed i.e. the more you use language (speak, read, listen and write) the more you learn it. The first visible results are felt mainly after 6 months of diligent learning, attending lessons twice a week or once a week and learning individually. Reading (interesting books, articles on the internet), speaking with a family member or a colleague and watching (videos on and films) can really help to overcome language barrier much faster.

Is it possible to learn a language if a person is generally not good at languages?
Yes, certainly. It all depends on the time you are willing to devote to learning language both in lessons and individually.

How often is it required to attend classes in order to have a result?
At first, set a target and time to achieve it. If you need quick results, you need to attend lessons more often. In addition, you should take every chance to speak/listen/write/read in the foreign language you want to acquire. Doing homework would also be highly beneficial.

Do you give a certificate?
At the end of the course, our clients receive our education centre certificate that acknowledges the progress in language acquisition.

Is it possible to learn just by talking, because it is the most challenging?
Yes, we offer courses and individual lessons where the emphasis is on speaking – discussing, expressing opinion, role playing. We usually start from the easiest topics and questions like (What’s the time? What are your hobbies? Where’s the nearest bus stop?) and continue with the more difficult ones, often related to work (Negotiating, chairing meeting, job interviews etc.).

Do you provide all the materials needed for classes?
Yes, we provide all the necessary materials. We use internationally recognized books (Oxford University Press, Pearson Macmillan) as well as widely available internet resources. We also develop materials ourselves to meet customers’ needs.

Where do the lessons take place?
Lessons take place at a convenient place for customer-at our education centre in Brivibas Street 214M or at the client’s workplace.

Is it possible to learn at the weekend?
We offer individual lessons on Saturdays.

Do you teach languages at the client’s workplace?
Yes, we do. We know that nowadays, every minute is precious, therefore we offer training at client’s workplace.

Do you offer classes remotely, like on Skype?
Yes, we offer lessons via Skype. They are suitable for those who live outside Riga or even abroad, the only precondition is the access to the Internet. We also offer lessons by telephone. A lesson usually lasts 30 minutes and during it a teacher and a student talk about different topics. Such method is suitable for those who spend a lot of time on the way (for example, going on business trips around all Latvia) and for those who have basic knowledge of foreign language.

What is the size of group?
The most effective is learning in a group of 4-7 people, therefore our groups have no more than seven students.

Can I join the group if there have already been a number of lessons?
Before joining the group we always meet each client individually. The meeting helps us not only to explore the client's foreign language needs and existing language knowledge but also helps to clarify suitability to the existing group. If client’s needs and language background correspond as well as if there is a free space in the existing group, client definitely can join the group.

Can you help to prepare for a business trip and presentation?
Yes, absolutely. Visit our education centre, during the meeting we will find out the most necessary and urgent things to be acquired, and by working intensively, you will be able to go on a business trip, as well as to make a presentation.

Can you help to prepare for school/university exams?
Yes, we help to prepare for secondary school English/Russian exam as well for university exams.

Do you offer translation services?
Translation is not our profile, but we can help our customers to prepare presentations/letters/documents in the foreign languages we teach.

Do you develop individual training programs?
Before starting language learning we always find out customer’s needs and desires and only then we develop a suitable program that would meet customer’s needs.

Is it possible to study in the morning before work?
We work on weekdays from 7:30 am to 19:30 pm. If you feel good in an early morning, we can offer to start a lesson even at 7:30!